Changed brake pads - trouble lights won't go off on 2000 Volkswagen Passat

My husband changed the brake pads on my passat and now the Stop, Brake Fault, ABS, ATR, Service Manual and Emergency Brake lights won't go off. He's double checked everything that he can think of with no success. PLEASE HELP!!

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These cars have a problem with the ABS Control Module, and normally I would point to that. Did the lights come on right after replacing the pads? I would double check that the wheel speed sensors are installed correctly and the wiring is not damaged.
Thanks so much for your response. I will have him check this.
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make sure e brake is down all the way and there is nothing stuck under e brake that may have falling into void created when e brake is pulled. or your brake pads only measure brake pad thinning with a sensor on inside brake on front end everything else abs is directly related to abs module which has issues cover on youtube.
check for broken wire brake pads. fluid could be low,not all the four brakes are pressure right. try bleeding all four brakes.