changed battery...weird things happening on 2000 Dodge Caravan

after changing the battery and really making sure the connections were good, everytime i open the driver door the park lights blink and there's a red light under the dash by indoor fuses that is blinking. the blinking goes on for about a minute or two, then stops, then continues. i pull out the park lamp fuse and it stops. put it back in and it continues. what to do?

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This is usually a theft/alarm system reaction. try closing all the doors and then locking and then unlocking your drivers out side door lock with the key. See if this re-sets it. Is the theft system an after market system?
i don't know. we bought the van used about 5 years ago. i pulled the little fuse panel off on the inside and couldn't find anything that looked like it would reset an after market alarm system. by the way, i read other posts where the car wouldn't even start with all this going on and my car starts fine.