CHANGED BATTERY. Engine turns over but won't start. Not getting fuel. on 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

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Getting spark, fuel pump relay clicking, can't hear fuel pump pressurizing when key is turned on. Theft lock light is on but radio works. Don't have keyless entry. Did changing battery cause security problem or is myfuel pump dead?
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Was it ok before you replaced battery? Or did you run down battery cranking on engine trying to get it started?
Car had not been started for a couple of months. It was running Ok then. Battery was dead before trying to start. Tried to charge battery, but tested bad after several attempts. Put a new battery in, motor turns over fast, but it's not getting fuel, and not hearing pump. Gas gauge indicates 3/8 full.
Saw your other reply , your on the right track , just make sure the circuit (both power and ground) is complete AT the pump connector , before replacing pump. Have fun!!! :)
What if the key ain't got the transponder chip? Would the relay still click?
Stated theft lock light on. Haven't ever tried one! Oh well i guess the key is the same one it was starting with.
I reckon if relay closes the pump should run.
Thanks,guess I'll have to drop the tank. Fuel pump fuse is good, relay is good and and closing when key is turned on. Unless it's wiring, probably pump.