Changed Auto tanny and then ABS comes on for regular stops on 1995 Subaru Legacy

Hi, I just had my auto tranny changed -used from wrecking yard. IT works - but a littel noisy at about 3k rps in drive. Problem, the ABS light is on and when I start up it is off and then when I come to any stop the ABS engages as I press down on the brake at about 3-5 MPH. Should I think of disengaging the BS? or ? is there some type of newer abs relay (think I saw something aboutthat) etc? Aslo what is the cance taht the tranny has a problem? Thanks < Marc

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The ABS relay near the passenger side head light was up graded by Subaru. The problem it gave was you switched off your car and the ABS pump would continually run killing your battery or damaging the pump.
I wonder if the problem you are having is that the front wheel ABS sensor harness got pulled on ,damaged or stretched when the gearbox was being replaced and the axles were removed or pulled out of the way.
If the axles were withdrawn from the hubs during replacement of the transmission it is possible that the ABS tone ring or sensor suffered damage.