changed alternator and now accessory lights blinking on 1998 Dodge Caravan

I changed alternator and now accessory lights are blinking.The heater and air conditioner lights only.

by in Des Moines, IA on February 18, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 18, 2009
The HVAC (Heater Control Head) must be recalibrated. To perform this procedure follow the steps provided. The engine must be at operating temperature with A/C off.. CALIBRATION / DIAGNOSTICS TEST ENTRY TO INITIATE TESTS: Set Blower motor ON HIGH, Set Mode position to Panel, Open all A/C outlets, Set Temperature to Cold (Both slide pots if equipped), Depress WASH and REAR WIPER button simultaneously for 5 Seconds (Until all LED's light). RESULTS: All LED's will turn on for 5 Seconds, Calibration Test is running when REAR WIPER and INTERMITTENT are alternately flashing. Cooldown test is running if A/C and RECIRC are alternately flashing. Acceptable results is REAR WIPER LED is the only LED flashing. Push Rear Wiper to exit.
COMMENT by on February 19, 2009
It worked. Thank you so very much. My husband was surprised by the fact that I found the answer through the internet. I will tell all my friends about the wonderful experience. Thank you again, Signed grateful in Des Moines.

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