Changed a fuel injector, now cranks a lot before starting. on 2004 Nissan Xterra

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Vehicle used to start immediately. When warm but off for 20 mins or so, would start right up but idle rough as if on 5 cylinders, this would go away after a few minutes. Then finally CEL w/code P0303. I replaced #3 F.I., now initial problem is gone, however now has new symptoms:
1) Excessive cranking before it finally starts
2) Runs rough upon start-up for about 30 seconds (hot or cold), but runs fine after that.
3) Recent CEL w/codes P0303 & P0328 (new entries - I had reset the computed after the FI change).
Question: When changing a fuel injector, should the fuel lines be bled somehow?
If not, any ideas for me?
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