change thermostat on 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Need to know what I have to do to change a thermostat in a 2005 Impala. I need to know what to remove.

by in Whitesville, NY on April 19, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 20, 2009 has great repair guides and its free all you have to do is sign up
ANSWER by on May 15, 2009
there is a hose that runs from the right side of the radiator to the engine right by the air intake, remove that hose, it leads to the housing for the thermostat, there are 2 bolts that you have to remove on the housing its self one on top and one on bottom, once thats done you can accsess the thermostat
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this just started this week as the weather changed.
have replaced egr checked tps,iac and maf sensors fuel pressure was good stalling while idling and decelerating no codes but did have one code when this all started fuel system too rich ,thermostat...
My temperature gauge doesnt work and I have already replaced the thermostat. My car still has heat, the gauge just wont READ it....
it is over heating is it hard to change my self? it there any thing that would make it hard?

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