change the ignition swich cilinder new key on 1999 Honda Accord

i jush change the igition swich cilinder but my car wont stard i dont know if the key has a chip please help me

by in Los Angeles, CA on June 22, 2014
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ANSWER by on June 23, 2014
is wiring to ign key and tumbler in good shape? don't believe it has a chip,is caherging system ok?
ANSWER by on June 23, 2014
Hi Byron, The key and the car need to be "matted" and this is usually only done by the dealership.
ANSWER by on June 23, 2014
HOPE you have ALL the old parts! First , do you have a green light on your dash in the shape of a key and is it flashing? Answer that and I can tell you your next step. Otherwise I can guarantee you'll spend way more than you need to.
COMMENT by on June 23, 2014
hi yes i do have the old pats and the green light is flashing what do i do ??
COMMENT by on June 24, 2014
On the old assembly take the immobilizer receiver ring off and swap it onto the knew lock assembly , should be 2 small screws and it's already unplugged , you might want to have the steering column trim off , so you can compare to new one , it is on green colored connector. there are 2 separate plastic pieces , only the first piece with the 'ring' needs to be swapped.Only problem , I now realize , is that you didn't know about this first so now I feel like an idiot......we always have the switches re-keyed to the original key first.IF you didn't break the bolts for the bracket yet , it would still be cheaper to take it back off and bring all pieces to a locksmith and have that done.IF you did have it re-keyed first , then you're safe on that , sorry about the goof, but if you do this , then you won't have to deal with 2 separate keys either.
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i dont know if the key has a chip please help me

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