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2001 Buick Century Question: change oil soon

How do I reset my (change oil soon)light? -
Answer 1
There are different procedures to rest the oil life on your 2001 Buick Century depending on if you have a driver information center or not. Here are the two procedures - Turn the ignition to RUN but the engine off. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal slowly three times within five seconds. If the CHANGE OIL SOON light flashes, the system is resetting. Turn the key to OFF. Start the vehicle. The oil life will change to 100%. If the Change Oil Soon light come back on, the system has not reset. Repeat the procedure. WITH DRIVER INFORMATION CENTER (DIC): Put the oil life display ON, with the engine off. Press the DIC RESET button for five seconds. -
Comment 1
tried method #1,Don`t know if I have a (DIC) button.Is that the odometer reset button ? Thanks! -
Comment 2
The driver information center would show Average Fuel Economy, Instant Fuel Economy, Trip Range, Oil Life Monitor, and Supercharger Boost. Three function buttons are English/Metric, Mode, and Reset. If you have this option, use the mode button to display remaining oil life and then the reset button to reset. -
Comment 3
sorry still no luck yet! -
Comment 4
Sometimes floor mats can get in the way, not letting the accelerator pedal reach its full travel. Remove any drivers side floor mats and try procedure #1 again. -
Comment 5
Thanks folks, but I`m still no where. have anymore idea`s.?not ready to say uncle yet! Hey, I finally got it to reset by a combination of holding the odometer reset button and pressed the gas pedal 3 X`s with the switch in the on position . -
Answer 2
Turn the ignition switch on to the run position witout starting the engine. Depres the accelerator pedal down 3 times witin 5 seconds. The light should go into a blinking mode. start engine then and light should go off. -
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