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1993 Ford E-150 Question: Change oil pump

I have been trying to drop off the oil pan on my 1993 Ford E-150 with a 302 cu in. Oil pan is loose but there is not enough clearance to drop off. The cross frame is in the way. What is the best way to get the oil pan off without having to pull the engin out. Thanks for any help ! -
Answer 1
You will need to take the motor mount bolts out of the center of the mount. And maybe the exhaust from the manifolds. Place a board on a floor jack and under the transmission, raise the engine and trans. a few inches until the oil pan will come out. -
Comment 1
Where would the best spot on the transmission to jack it from, Oil pan or bell housing? Raising the engin with the transmissin is not going to put to much pressure on the bell housing and cause it to crack? Thanks for your help! -
Comment 2
bell housing will be the best, but if you can't get into that area use a flat board wide enough to go across the pan, so you are not pushing in the center. You will be ok with all the bolts in the bell housing, it won't hurt anything. -
Answer 2
You have to pull the trans out i know it sucks just got done doing one -
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