change fluids on 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

what type of oil and power stearing fluid do i need for 1989 560 sec. thanks jymes

by in Greenwich, CT on November 29, 2009
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ANSWER by on November 29, 2009
For a 1990 I really like synthetic motor oil like mobil1. In the winter, I would use 10w-30. in the summer 10w-40 or even 15w-50 if you have over 100k on the engine. You have to use a special and expensive fluid for the power steering. The part number is 000 989 88 03. You will have to go to a good import part store for this, it is made by Bilstein. That is what the factory recommends.
COMMENT by on November 29, 2009
Thanks Dandd, I used 10w30 and stp P/S fluid, but will have all fluids changed this week. I am tring to save this car as a classic
ANSWER by on November 29, 2009
Any NAPA, Autozone or Pepboys sells the fluid you need. It's not that expensive. AMSOIL is far more superior to mobil one.

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