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1844 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10710

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Central Ave Nissan
September 11, 2009

100% of the time I got the car serviced here, they under-inflated the tires (28 instead of 32). Low pressure causes excessive wear, lowers fuel efficiency, lower grip and increases chances of blowouts. I know because after every oil change or repair I started bottoming out and three times my tire pressure warning came on. After the third occurrence I brought the car back to make a point of it and they ignored the fact that this constantly happens. I imagine--because they do it on purpose and they don't give a crap about customer services. But they'll probably get some unnecessary tire sales out of you with that tactic. They don't call you when parts come in(twice now). They are rude. I've been told I was at fault fro the techniican breaking options when they did factory recall work. I didn't tell them not to break it...so how could they know not to break it? nReally, this is what a "customer service" person told me. They told me the airbag failure was because *I* had a garage install heated seats and the install broke the air bags. NISSAN FACTORY INSTALLED heated seats numnutz! The cashier is just an obnoxious woman. I pointed out how rude and wrong she was to another customer and she just ignored me. But this is clearly the standard here.
They are a warranty service center. The more bad, unnecessary warranty work they do they more money they make. Doing the right work is unnecessary.
They post signs all over about highest rated... but if you read the fine print--it is from the first survey after you buy a car. I was told by my salesperson to only rate them excellent on that survey. He confronted me on whether I would put anything other than excellent. I lied-cause he sucked as a salesperson and did next to nothing other than talk bull.
Less important (yet a sign of their awarenes of customer service) would be that ...the wireless signal was incredibly poor for months. The waiting room is so flooded with sun it makes me want to wear sunglasses indoors-they never heard of shades. Very difficult to work on a laptop. They usually have coffee, but too often no milk, half & half, skim, sugar, or splenda or other. There are usually some donuts at some part of the morning. (woo-hoo)
I have an extended warranty and I bought this car to run into the ground. I am now considering waiting till next year and then selling this car and going back to a Toyota and using Toyota City. 3 years at Toyota city and never had a problem. Nissan might make a decent car, but if you distrust everything about the warranty place--you know they can screw the car up for you... what's the point of risking it on a Nissan?

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