CEL P1298 and P0740 on 2001 Honda Civic

I have a 2001 Honda Civic Lx. I have a CEL reading code p1298 (ELD) and P0740 (TORQUE CONVERTER SOLENOID CIRCUIT OPEN). I have done lots of reading on these codes, and most people say the Transmission have to be rebuild. From my understanding, if I have a electrical code with the P0740 code, it's not a mechanical issue, it must be an electrical problem correct? Now before all this, my car was having issues with Engine knocking and I later fouind that I had a bad crankshaft, and so mechanic got me a used engine. Since then is when I had more issues with the car. After the engine swap, I had a CEL reading P01298 along with a P0336(CRANKSHAFT SENSOR) which had been replaced my the shop who swapped my motor. Is it just an electrical problem or mechanical ?

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Yes, without further testing I would say look at the wiring, check all fuses and for power on terminal 1 of the eld connector with body ground. You should have battery voltage. As for the po740 check line pressure, if line pressure is ok check further into lock up system for bad solenoids
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