CEL P0431 code but passed smog emissions in CA - does this mean CAT is not issue on 2004 Mazda Mazda6

If I'm getting a CAT code, how would my car pass smog emissions? What is the best way to check emission related parts to get my car passed in the functional and visual department.

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what are the cat codes and no you shouldn't have passed unless that was the only monitor that was not reset. in cali you need all monitors reset except one and that might have been the one
Code was P0431 but I passed my emissions but failed visual and functional due to the light. So I'm wondering if the CAT was bad, I wouldn't have passed emissions, correct? I need to get he CEL off to pass my smog, so I want to know the steps to take to check all emission related parts. Thanks!
go to a AAA approved smog shop and gety an diag and est. just because the code points a special parts does not mean repl part it could be the circuit is bad or other related system
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Getting a code does not mean it should fail emissions...emission testing is seperate as its own...the best way to check if your cat is good is have a smog shop perform an intrusive test.
Thanks for your input. Would I just ask the smog shop to perform an intrusive test on my cat to see if it's good? or do I have to go through the whole test again for them to get a diagnostic?
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