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2009 Kia Spectra Question: CEL has come on after 64k m. NOT the gas-cap - is this typical with this model?

Just had the emissions checked while registering my car 2 weeks ago and no problems... I have noticed that for quite awhile the (manual trans.)engine stays rev'ed between low gears when I'm shifting - not sure if that has any bearing... Thanks for any help! -
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What are the trouble codes? There's a reason why the CEL comes on. -
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Thanks for your response - see mine down below... -
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not uncommon at all for any vehicle. its telling you there is something going wrong. scan codes and post so we can adv -
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Going to Autozone to get the code(s) and they will tell me what's up (obviously emission control system/sensor). I was just curious if this was a typical issue for this make and model at this mileage - seems pretty low mileage for this to happen but I'm not an expert. Thank you, two, for your quick responses - will be getting back to you if and when I have to do the repair/replacement myself. Last time I had an NOC sensor go out (on an Altima) they wanted $800 to replace and that's not happening... -
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