CEL and ABS/TRAC displayed in dash? on 1999 Volvo S70

My 99' s70 has approx 71000 miles. my CEL has been illuminated for the past 4 days. A TRAC and ABS light has intermittenly displayed for the past week. I had the CEL diagnosed at Autozone for free: Here's the codes that they presented: P1171 and P1550. Not sure what the codes mean, can you assist?

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The problem is likely your ABS Control Module. This will cause the ABS, TRAC and the Check Engine light to illuminate (p1550) The ABS Control Modules fail regularly on most Volvo's from 1996 on. There are businesses who will rebuild your control unit (that should tell you how common this is) and you can buy some units that are refurbished. Or you can get a new one.
The other code (p1171) is a fuel trim code. This can be a vacuum leak or a MAF Sensor, but the code may have also been in the memory for a long time too. A good scanned will tell you how long ago the codes were set, and if the p1171 was set a long time ago I wouldn't worry about it, I would address the ABS problem and reset the codes.
The 2 codes you have are from the engine control module, you will need to get the codes from the ABS as well, when you do, post them and I can give some more info about the ABS problem.
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you can rebuild your ABS unit yourself. It's not that hard I did mine yesterday and all the lights extinguished! here is the link for instructions on how to rebuild.