Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Problem Report

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD CD Player May Fail Due to Internal Fault in Radio

(19 reports)

The CD player may fail due to an internal fault with the radio. Our technicians tell us that in most cases, the radio unit will need to be sent to a specialty repair shop to correct this issue.

cd player will not eject or load.will not play cds that are in there. Says no disc when you hit eject. cd icon flashing all the time. -
CD player not accepting CD's. Radio still plays,also CD emblem blinks all the time on screen. Makes noises as if trying to accept a cd. Thank you for any help and/or advice. -
Cd player will play cd's but won't eject it. Started about 3 years ago so we get to listen to the same cd, over and over. -
Cd player quit working .I had to replace it . -
Cd has not worked since we bought it, as used vehicle... Put cd in won't eject properly Doesn't play them either -
no solution, err code when attempting to play a cd -
Cd will not go in or it gets stuck in. Have been without a Cd player for a few months. -
Same problem my wife can't get her favorite Polka cd out of the player. -
CD Player has stopped working completely. Will not accept a CD or if it does, will not eject it without a fight but will not play it at all. Never fixed because it is out of warranty and i cannot afford to do anything about it currently. -
My CD player stopped working almost 2 years ago. My radio works fine.I bought my truck new -
Cd player flashes err -
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