Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 CD Player May Fail Due to Internal Fault in Radio

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The CD player may fail due to an internal fault with the radio. Our technicians tell us that in most cases, the radio unit will need to be sent to a specialty repair shop to correct this issue.

CD wont eject but I can hear the motor trying to push it out. Same when it gos in but it wont pull the CD then the head unit say's "CHECK CD". -
cd goes in and DOES NOT PLAY it says error -
cd player stopped working reads error wont play cd -
CD Wont play (Ejects w/disc error) -
i can't remove cd from cd player. it acts like it's going to come out but doesn't. it has been that way for a long time,but i use my ipod now. -
Cd Players Been out for about two years, but the radio still works as well as the tape player. But CHEVY RUNS DEEP! My Truck will be my sons truck Soon! -
Once you put the cd in the cd player it won't eject and it won't play. -
will not play cd- shows cd errr, and time will not now display -
CD player stoppped working -
CD Player san nothing is in it -
Cd quit working -
CD player stopped working and will not even reject inserted CD. I have not yet fixed it. -
cd stuck, cd error, won't pull cd in.100's of same in this low end (quality) cd unit. Have installed three used cd players...all have same problem. Go to Wal Mart buy a radio/wire kit and install. (Reset code) -
CD Portion of Radio stopped functioning. Had it replaced once and the problem recurred. -
Cd won't eject or load. Also won't play cd. -
The cd player want eject and makes clicking sound,broke 3 years ago.Truck has only 60,000 miles on it,don't drive a lot. -
My CD players jumps on and off at times. It may work for a few days, and may be down the next couple of days. I had it checked here, locally, but he the mechanic said something about a fuse, but that wasn't it. It still does this til this day, but I got a blue tooth speaker for backup. -
cd player will not accept cd reads "check cd" -
Went to play a CD, would not work. Radio works fine, just not the CD player. No warning, just quit working one day, guess I didn't use it enough LOL. -
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