Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 CD Player May Fail Due to Internal Fault in Radio

(15 reports)

The CD player may fail due to an internal fault with the radio. Our technicians tell us that in most cases, the radio unit will need to be sent to a specialty repair shop to correct this issue.

CD player just stopped working and still makes noise like it's trying to work!!!!! -
The Cd player makes weird noises for a few mins then it will stop and it only does it when I start the truck and it's not fixed i need to know what to do to fix it -
2005 CD player doesn't work. -
My cd player quit working 4 years ago. I put a cd in it fixed& it won't play. it keeps it in there or pops it out but won't play. I never had it fixed. -
stopped working just wont play at all! -
CD Player stopped working with no warning or other issues. -
cd player doesn't work -
I can't even get a cd in the player -
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