Cd changer problems on 2002 Mercedes-Benz C230

I had the battery changed and then the radio display says NO CD CHANGER, anyone know how I can get it to recognize its there? Oh and its a 5 disc, but not the bose one

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I had the same problem. I actually took out the changer and put it back in, then it worked... not saying it's "the answer," but it seemed to work for me that time.
There have been one or two other times where it would say that just randomly, but after a few restarts, it was fine... I hate this car
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You may have to have the adaption re-set for the stereo computer. it can happen with a battery change. Often you need to use a special memory holding tool when you do a battery change, or some of the programming is lost.
How do I have that reset without going 2 the dealership?