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Cave Springs Auto Service Center Incorporated
May 25, 2010

I moved here from out of state, then found my A/C wasn't working, and this is not a place to live for long without A/C. I went in to have my A/C repaired--I needed a whole new compressor, no big surprise, but for $1100? Well 2 weeks later we were downtown and the car dies. I could see the serpentine belt was split, but the car would not start and sounded like there was no compression. This is what we found out happened: The wrong compressor was installed, which made the pulley stick out farther than normal. This strained the serpentine belt, eventually causing it to split down the middle. Half of it broke off and was whipping around inside. It got bound up next to the timing belt cover, ripping it off and breaking the timing belt in the process. It was easy to see what happened, and the only way for all that to happen was in that sequence. I paid to have the car towed again all the way back to Cave Springs, thinking they were obviously responsible and would pay for the towing and all the repairs. When I get there, I show them what happened, they agree that the wrong compressor is on there but it wasn't their fault, the wrong one must have been shipped. Then Mr. Kim and the other guy who worked on it excuse themselves and talk inside the garage for 10 minutes. They come back and say they'll fix the compressor for free but that it had nothing to do with the timing belt breaking and will not pay for that or the towing. It was "just a coincidence," and I couldn't prove that the timing belt didn't break, get bound up inside and break the cover off at the same time the serpentine belt broke. I couldn't believe it, but didn't want to keep having my car towed around town, and figured I would recoup the costs from him eventually. He ended up knocking $50 off the timing belt job. Luckily no valves were bent. While he was in the middle of fixing it, he calls and offers to replace the spark plugs for just the cost of the plugs (no labor) since he had it apart. I said sure, how could he screw that up? I come to pick up the car and want to take all the broken belts, old parts etc. as evidence. He would not let me take my own parts, saying that he has to protect himself! I couldn't believe this guy. There was no way he was going to give me them, but I didn't want a confrontation, thinking I'll sue him later. I pay the bill and before giving me the keys, he mentions the car is running a little rough, but should get better after it warms up. What? It was running perfect before this all happened. Sure enough, it is running real rough, practically stalling when starting off from a red light. I know I'm not going back but this time decide to do a little research first, what I should have done before. I find Frecks & Sons have some good reviews, and take it there. They found that one of the spark plugs had a crack in the ceramic. Should've figured! Anyway, I never did get around to suing Mr. Kim and it's probably too late now, but I want to warn everyone else who doesn't have lots of extra money hanging around to donate to Mr. Kim's "on the job education". I've had great service at Frecks & Sons, they seem very honest and knowledgeable, and I haven't been anywhere else.

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