Cause of rear window, rear wiper, and defroster failure? on 2005 Toyota Sequoia

Rear window motor replaced at 12000 due to failure. replacement motor experienced intermitten problems @35000 but deal couldn't diagnois. Now at 55,000 rear window, rear wiper, and defroster not working.

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I would check the harness that goes to the rear hatch, especially where it bends when you open the door. These harnesses can break at that point where they bend.
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I was told there are micro switches within the tailgate. If they do not make full contact the window, defroster, and wiper will not wor. Here is the easy way to fix per Toyota lower the window clean all the edges of the window (you will notice the grime). Once clean all will work again. The point is if the window does not shut all the way then the micro switches will not make contact.
Amazing, this worked.

Here is the link for instructions to fix your problem: