Ford F-350 Problem Report

Ford F-350 Catalytic converters may go bad and plug exhaust

(13 reports)

Catalytic converters can go bad and potentially plug the exhaust, hurting engine efficiency and performance.

Bogged down. overheating. very poor performance. Eventually could only get up to 5 miles per hour. disconnected catalytic converter. problem went away. Replaced catalytic converter. works great now. -
after driving for a while when turned off very hard to restart -
When i hit the gas it sounds like a engine knock really noticeable in 3rd to 5th gear smell of exhaust is strong in the cab and has no power -
Cat plugged. Engine died and would not run. Loosened the exhaust to drive to muffler shop. New cat cost an arm and leg because it is a special one. Haven't had the problem since. -
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