Catalytic Converter Replacement on 2001 Honda Odyssey

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I have been told that I need to replace the CC on my Honda. The engine light was on and the repair shop cleaned out the EGR valve, light came back on and they claim I need a new CC. When I picked up, the light was off. Seems to driving fine. Light is still off. Can I take the car on a 300 mile round trip?
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So, a new cat was not put on the car?

If you still have the burned out cat on the car, and it's running okay, and the light is off, then by all means, go on the road trip. The light will likely recur, but it shouldn't cause you any huge problems. If you have been having issues with the check engine light flashing or other driveability problems, like surging or rough running, then I would think twice about going on the trip.
All they did was clean out the EGR valve. When I got the car back, the light was off. The light has never blinked, just came on in the past. I don't think the car runs rough. I am driving to move my daughter to college. It is about 150 miles one way and I am going to go and come in one day. I have a about a week and a half till I go.
There's always some risk, but you're probably in pretty good shape.
i have the same problem i am going to chaout mine in a week with an after market one. because the dealer want $825 for just the cat, part i hope it works and the light gos out.