Catalytic converter racket or collusion ? on 2002 Toyota Prius

Why can't someone who lives IN California get a catalytic converter that doesn't cost almost as much as the car its on ? One can get an aftermarket converter in 49 states for as low as $ 68 but if you have your car registered in California, you're forced to go to the dealer ? Why doesn't anyone else sell this part cheaper ? If we didn't owe money on this car ( 5 payments ) we could register it in Nevada, get the part cheap and drive it all we want. I don't get it. Did someone get paid off to have this law passed so that car owners get screwed only in this state ?

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Google CARB! Got to keep that air clean out there!! Bunch of BS i think!
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probably somebodies pockets are getting lined
Most aftermarket cats don't work! We've seen these specials that are worse than the cats that were on the car that failed. Reputable manufacturers spend the money to go through the CARB but must pass on their costs for registration.
thats the wonderfull california air resources board(carb) at its best.i bet not one member of carb knows what a catalytic converter even does.
LOL!! You are right about that!!! I dont know how the rest of us survive!