Catalytic Converter problems? on 1995 Saturn SC2

I resently had my catalytic converter replaced and now thesame problems i had before are 10x worse...i have this rattling sound everytime i turn right i sounds very loud and now my engine light comes on quite frequently and that never happened would it be my catalytic converter or a bigger problem?

by in San Diego, CA on August 30, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 30, 2009
it is very important to find out why the first Catalytic Converter failed. the fact that it got noisy is not a reason, that is a symptom. The original converter failed because of a poor fuel/ignition problem. it cracks up because it got over worked. You need to find a shop that can really find the root of your problem or you will be replacing Cats forever. I do Smog in Northern Ca and I deal with this every day. Best of Luck!
COMMENT by on August 30, 2009
thanks alot..tomorrow ill be taking it in to see the bigger picture...cuz im so tired of this!
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