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1999 Toyota Solara Question: catalytic converter problem - the price

Went to Toyota Dealership they quoated me $2,930 for front, center and rear section --- part is rusted and corroded Went to independent dealer he quoated me $620.00 to repair existing converter - said he would remove part of pipe and replace pipe -- on estimate sheet it reads as follows: r/r exhaust FRT pipe assy, drill tap extract 2 broken bolts and replace rear flange etc, pipe hardware clamps, welding supplies --- what should i do.. i have a friend who says he can buy the part from national auto and put it on.. but it sounds so complicated --thinking i need a certified person.. monroe muffler quoated me $800.00 please help -
Answer 1
there is a big difference in quakity with cat converters. aftermarkets are cheap but do not do the job. check engine lights come back on due to quality. You could try the aftermarket but be aware, if it does not work, you will have to get the factory one with no re imbursement from the first repair. Roy -
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my check engine light was on,so I took car to auto zone and was took it needed the catalitic converter. how much should that cost me?
Includes shield for gas tank, clamps, etc. under passenger side