catalytic converter failure on 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

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After the check engine came on at about 105,000 miles, service check informed me that catalytic converter needed to be replaced and that it would cost $1250. If I continue to drive the care without the repair can it cause damage to any other components or affect the car's performance? I have seen elsewhere that the engine light could be caused simply by a computer bug.
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The 'computer bug' info is nonsense. Catalytic converters fail a lot on Hybrids, because the engine has to run so very lean and this works the CAT really hard. I would ask Honda for some support. they should step and help you. This is a common failure. Good Luck! by the way, the code is 'P0420 Catalytic Converter operation below efficiency threshold'. This is a well documented and a 15 year old code. it is far from being a computer bug' I see this problem every day at work because I do Emissions Diagnostic work in N Calif. If you continue to drive the car, you will be running at a much lower fuel economy level and be polluting the air. Is this not the reason for a Hybrid in the first place, to be a Greener Driver?
The computer bug code is not nonsense if the code is p2000- Honda issued a service bulletin in 2007 about it. Software update fixes it if this is all it is.