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2002 Volkswagen GTI Question: catalytic converter damaged by ignition coils?

The check engine light came on this week. I took it to autozone to find out why. The codes point to engine efficiency. Means either vacuum hoses or the CC. My mechanic thinks the cc is damaged from the 2 ignition coils that failed about 2 years ago. Is it possible that a failed coil can damage the CC? -
Answer 1
Yes, failed coils could damage the CC, since raw, unburned fuel gets into the converter. Zee -
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Thanks for the confirmation. Is it likely that it would take 18-24 months before it showed up? Is there a way I can tell between a vacuum hose and a damaged CC? The price differences for repair would be big, so I am hoping I can tell if the mechanic is making the right call. -
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What are the exact diagnostic codes? Zee -
Answer 2
always clear the code and drive to see if it reappears before replacing cat very expensive and coil failure on vw s can cause cat damage but dont just replace it clear first -