2003 Jaguar S-Type Q&A

2003 Jaguar S-Type Question: Catalytic Converter

How can you tell if it is bad,my engine light is on also Gearbox Fault is lite up in the message box alternating with flashing message Restricted Performance -
Answer 1
You probably can't tell if your catalytic converter is bad, if you had the experience and tools to tell, you wouldn't need to ask. Get the warning lights diagnosed by a Jag specialist, ASAP... Save yourself some money and misery by getting it checked now... The check engine light indicates that the computer has detected a malfunction in the engine/transmission control system and has diagnostic codes and data stored which would be essential in diagnosing the problem. A technician with a scanner can access the diagnostic codes and data and then be able to give you a diagnosis. If you want to find a specialist, here's our directory link for you: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=19153&car_brand_names=Jaguar -
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i have a reading of cat sys and my car turns off or loses power, could this be the catalytic converter, i do not have a owners manual so i can not look up the code.
when it's on park the car shakes even it's on drive if you stop it does that too
Happens when I start car. No engine light. Also there's soot in tail pipes. I have been getting a small drip of oil (it looks like watery oil) once a week. Thanks for your help