catalyst converter on 2002 Audi A6

How many miles do you have to drive for the onboard computer to reset after changing the catalyst converter to pass emission test?

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Thanks for answering, I've spent about an hour & a half looking at the code book and website but haven't found it heipful - the car is a 2.7T not a 3.0 non turbo plus the code tells me RPM & temps. for running the emission test. The question was how many miles do I have to drive now that I've changed both catalyst converters before the onboard computer resets itself so it can be run through the emission test and pass, I've already put over 50 miles on it and run the test only to fail again because it reads incomplete for the onboard computer resetting, with gas at $3.80 a gallon this could cost me a couple of hundred to run it just to get it ready to go through the test again. Could you give me an answer if you know please. Again thank you for getting back to me.