Cat. converter and O2 sensors on 2001 Toyota Tacoma

I am going to change the cats and o2 sensors on my tacoma it is a 2001 with 118,ooo miles on it. Try after market part,but the last 2yrs the engine light comes on 6-8 weeks apart.Now it is on again. the dealship wants around $2500.00,a lot of money, but I am tire of the junk. And you guys avice is to go with toyota parts.What is the warrenty from the dealer on cats and o2 sensors.And if any other comments, please forward them to me. Thanks for your help.

by in Philadelphia, PA on November 07, 2011
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ANSWER by on November 07, 2011
Typically Denso sensors are top notch and direct fit Walker cats do a very good job. The Toyota stuff is very expensive. I have had good luck with what I have suggested.
COMMENT by on November 08, 2011
Sorry for the mis-understading!! In the last two yrs,I change the cats and the o2 sensers twice, First time with miekie,BIG BIG mistake,about a yr ago,I change them again,this time with walkers and about 6 months ago,the o2 sensers,with bosch sensors. Now again the light is on, and the code says cats again.Why,and is the dealership the only solution, to fix it right. I just tune it up,and change the timing belt,water pump,inline gas filter,tensioners,oil seals and etc.In the area of the timing belt.the truck runs great.Love the truck,just tire sending money on the cats problem.Need someone to help me,go in the right direction, to fix the problem. Thanks!!
COMMENT by on November 08, 2011
Your original post says you are going to change cats and sensors. Now you say you have changed them? Make up your mind and post the correct info in the order it was done. When you do I will try to help but not until then.
ANSWER by on November 07, 2011
Agree, Denso direct fit sensors are available after market and are original Toyota equipment.
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