cat converter on 2004 Ford Escape

$900 to replace supposed plugged glowing red barley running cat.Ran good for two days.Back to same with loud air sound.Shop has had car for a week and can't figure it out.Thanks

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The cat was glowing red because the air fuel mixture was likely incorrect. If that problem was not addressed then putting on a new cat will not fix the problem, and the new cat will be damaged as well. I suggest you talk to the owner/manager of the shop and insist that they either get this addressed or you need to take it elsewhere and wish to have a refund if the other shop finds their work to be incorrect. Hold them accountable for their work!
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As Bret very well said. The red hot. glowing catalytic converter was only a symptom, not the cause - which they should have repaired. This way they should replace a converter after every ignition cycle because the problem is still there.
I bet there is a fuel trim code also in the ECM.
Needs more diagnostics, check compression in all the cylinders, ignition and fuel systems too. It could be caused by several different faults, like a stuck open injector, incorrect, missing ignition, etc....
The car is using to much fuel and is burning it in the cat . It may have a bad fuel regulator .