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5917 Beverly Ave, Mission, KS 66202

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Caseys Auto Repair
March 24, 2009

I've taken my car in to Casey's multiple times, and never had a bad experience. The customer interactions are friendly, the repairs get done quickly, and Carl doesn't charge as much as the big repair shops. And none of my old car's problems have returned. In addition, Carl's shop is spotless, even the garage. All in all, highly recommended.

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Caseys Auto Repair
December 18, 2008

My car was taken there on a friend’s recommendation after the electrical system went out. Before my car was even looked at, I called to give Carl my warranty information – I have an extended warranty that covers almost all repairs on my car. Carl estimated the total repair cost at $100-200, but didn’t call my warranty company. A few days later, he said he had done $400-500 worth of work on my car, even though he couldn’t identify what was wrong with the car. I asked him again if he had contacted my warranty company. He refused to do so, claiming that he knew the problem would not be covered – even though he said he didn’t know what the problem was! In that $400-500 was $130 for a new battery, and other repairs which he was not clear in explaining to me. I felt uncomfortable with the fact that $400-500 worth of repairs had been done to my car without my prior notice or authorization, and because he flat-out refused to call my warranty company. When I tried to understand what he had done to my car and why he wouldn’t call my warranty company, he became stubborn and impossible to deal with. He talked over me when I tried to calmly ask questions, and he even walked away from me during the conversation. He did a lot of posturing and talking down to me. I really felt like he was trying to take advantage of me and that he had been dishonest during the whole process (every other repair shop I have ever taken a car to has called for authorization to do repairs over the estimated cost). I said I wasn’t comfortable paying for the repairs that I hadn’t authorized, and that I would like him to explain the repairs to me. At this point, he got even crankier with me and took out the parts he had replaced on my car. After my car was taken to a dealership for repairs, the entire repair was completely covered by my warranty, even though Carl swore up and down that it wouldn’t be. The dealership was able to actually identify the problem, fix it and get it done under my warranty. Also, my battery tested fine and the dealership said I didn’t need a new one. I’m so grateful that I got my car out of that repair shop in one piece, and had it repaired at a dealership that was honest and up-front with me about my car. Having my car at Casey’s Auto Repair was the worst car repair experience I’ve ever had. I still don’t know why he refused to call my warranty company.

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