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100 Nutt Rd, Phoenixville, PA 19460

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Carters Saab Service
April 07, 2010

I had a great experience at this shop and so have many others. You can see other reviews at http://www.saabnet.com/tsn/faq/service/pa.html.

I have been to Saab dealerships in multiple states and owned my Saab since 2004. Tom Carter is the best Saab mechanic who ever worked on my car, by far. He is a really nice, honest guy to boot. After my experience, he is my first choice for both regular service and specialty repairs.

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Carters Saab Service
November 06, 2009

I took my car there and first thing wrong was they had it for 27 days. Just because they thought I had another car to use. Well I didn't. 2nd thing Tom Carter told he he replaced a part in my car well about a week later the same thing was wrong so I took it to another mechanic, come to find out Mr. Carter never even replaced the part. The new mechanic pulled it out and showed me and I stilkl have it. He is a scam artist and this is the 2nd time He has ripped me off. The first time he put my brakes on wrong. Guess i learned my lesson!

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Carters Saab Service
July 08, 2008

Over priced. Every time I went there for one problem, he found something else completely wrong. Also told me it was okay to drive with a leaky water pump in the winter. I went to another mechanic and he said I was lucky to bring it in when I did because it was about to die on me. He also does not honor after-market warranties. He doesn't good work, but not the most honest mechanic in the world.

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