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2011 Volvo XC90

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2011 Volvo XC90 Recalls (Recent)

Suspension & Steering, May 12, 2011

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Power steering fluid may leak from the pipe connection at the steering gear valve housing. This could lead to a sudden loss of power steering, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the oil pipes on the power steering rack to correct this concern. This recall is expected to begin on May 31, 2011. The Volvo recall number is R242.

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2011 Volvo XC90 Reviews

I bought my Volvo XC90 2011 brand new in Oct.2010. I have had nothing but battery problems. Low battery light constantly coming on. I can't use anything electical without starting and using the engine. They said I don't drive it enough. I drive it everyday, I admit mostly only 12 miles or so. But even when I drive it 40-50miles I can't roll my windows up and down without the low battery light coming on. I read that they can disingage this function, but what if I then get stuck with a dead battery?

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