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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2005 Volvo S80

2005 Volvo S80

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2005 Volvo S80 Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Front upper strut mounts may wear prematurely, resulting in loud noise from the front of the vehicle when going over bumps.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

Many complaints have been reported regarding Volvo S80 transmission shifting issues. Long shift times between gear shifts, hard shifting, hard downshifting and a loss of transmission operation all together to name a few.
If the issue is minor, a transmission software update may address this issue so if available, the software should be updated before any repairs are made. After a software update or repair, the shift adaptation needs...

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The front control arm bushings wear out, resulting in alignment issues and squeaking and/or knocking noises from the front end. Worn bushings will require replacement.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

The steering wheel module (SWM) stops working, this affects the turn signals, horn, cruise control, and audio buttons on the steering wheel.

Brakes -- Verified

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light and/or other dash warning lights may illuminate due to a failed ABS Control Module. Replacement of the failed module is generally required to correct this concern.

2005 Volvo S80 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., December 18, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The tire pressure and loading information label may be incorrect. This could lead to improper vehicle loading or tire pressures that could result in a tire failure. Dealers will mail the correct label to vehicle owners. This recall is expected to begin on December 18, 2006. The Volvo recall number is 161.

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Electrical & Lights, January 31, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

An electrical short circuit may develop between the positive battery and ground at the starter motor solenoid. Smoke may appear from under the hood and the car may not start. If the short were to occur while driving, electrical power could be lost. Any electrical short increases the risk of a fire. Dealers will inspect and increase the distance between the B+ terminal and the starter motor solenoid as necessary. This recall is expected to begin on January 31, 2006. The Volvo recall number is R150.

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Electrical & Lights, November 5, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Volvo is recalling all models equipped with Garmin 760 Portable Global Positioning System units because the battery may overheat, which could lead to a fire. Volvo advises owners to stop using the Garmin device immediately and consult the Garmin website to determine if they have a defective unit. The unit's battery will be replaced and a spacer inserted to prevent the problem from reoccurring. This will be performed free of charge.

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Engine, January 15, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

When exposed to certain environmental conditions (hot climate and temperature cycling) over time and in combination with varying fuel quality, the fuel pump can develop cracks in the fuel pump flange. If cracks develop, a fuel smell and/or leak may be noted. Any fuel leak always increases the risk of a fire. Dealers will inspect and replace the fuel pump as necessary to correct this concern. The Volvo recall number is R220.

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2005 Volvo S80 Questions and Answers

nola1908, 2005 Volvo S80, 5 Cylinder, Atlanta, GA

When turning left or right i get a clicking sound .

Veryniceross, 2005 Volvo S80, San Francisco, CA

My lighter went out and I don't know how to find the correct fuse to check to see if it just needs a fuse or if it is some other problem.

adelzaki, 2005 Volvo S80, 5 Cylinder, Guaynabo, PR

The Engine is not starting, a message with the clause, (Reduce engine performance) came on the screen. some says it is the fuel pump....?

Visitor, 2005 Volvo S80, Clearlake, CA

The minute I turn on the engine the traction control light comes on. even if the car hasn't moved. This just started and it has 76,000 on the drive train. Turns off but the Traction control &q...

AEP, 2005 Volvo S80, 2.5L 5 Cylinder Turbo, East Stroudsburg, PA

I have always serviced and taken care of my car in a timely manner to avoid any serious problems. My car has 68,500 miles and I have had the fuel pump replaced 3 times. My check engine light went...

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2005 Volvo S80 Reviews

I own a 2005 S80 2.5T. I have had some issues with this car. On a regular basis, the bulbs in the headlights keep going out...the life on those is less than 3 months. Other annoying issue is the rubber insulation all around the windows and inside the engine gets really brittle and breaks off easy. I have changes that 3 times in 6 yrs...(appox. paying $90 per window+others...$500+ each time). Furthermore, hoses keep cracking and failing too...just quality of the product is not there.

Last week, we have a bigger issue...the transmission light came up. Dealership is telling me that the transmission will have to be changed because it can not be repaired. Another $4k in cost...I have $115k in mileage on the car. Also found out at 80k mileage that the Turbo was leaking oil too..Very frustrated...I have decided to go back to Japanese cars. Never will I buy Volvo again and will warn all against buying Volvo. Not worth it when it comes to repair and maintenance cost and quality is just poor.

My 2005 Volvo S80 T6 has been a great find. I bought it used in 2008 and have only had one real problem with it. The tire valve stems/sensors continued to fail. I got sick of having to fill my tires with air all the time, and the dealer couldn't identify the problem right away, but eventually had to have them replaced. Other than that, I've kept up with the normal maintenance schedule and everything else has been perfect!

Great car! The 5th volvo that I've owned (240's, 740, 960) and definitely the best. Maybe the earlier versions had issues based on some posts, but volvo must have worked them out by 2005. I bought it used. Have had it for 3 years now (70,000 miles) and love it. No problems. Runs beautifully. And I expect it to last like my others. All over 150K. One over 250K and still counting. But that's a volvo for ya.

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