2007 Volvo C70 Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2007 Volvo C70

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2007 Volvo C70 Problems

Convertible Top May Have Problems With Micro-Switches/Potentiometers

The convertible top may have problems with the micro-switches and potentiometers that help control the raising and lowering of the top.

Hard shifting from transmission and other issues

Several complaints have been reported regarding Volvo C70 transmission shifting issues. Long shift times between gear shifts, hard shifting, hard downshifting and a loss of transmission operation all together to name a few.

If the issue is minor, a transmission software update may fix this issue so if available, the software should be updated before any repairs are made.

There are several technical service bulletins (TSB's) available from Volvo that address these shifting issues and they should be consulted by the repair shop during the automatic transmission diagnostic process.

Regular servicing of the transmission fluid can help with preventing transmission failure, but not in all cases. Follow the suggested fluid replacement interval recommended by Volvo. You will find this in your owners manual, or find it here:

Door Lock Assembly May Fail and Cause Locking/Unlocking Problems

Several issues occur with the door locks on the Volvo C70 and most are because of the door lock assembly. What happens is that one door will not lock while the other one does. In other cases you will lock the doors and then one of the doors will immediately unlock.

The problem is that the door lock assembly is defective and will need replacement. Replacement of this assembly on the C70 is very difficult and is not recommended by a novice. Getting the door and window aligned properly so that you don't get air or water leaks is very, very difficult.

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2007 Volvo C70 Questions

Getting the check engine light periodically p0300 calling out 3 4 5 cyli (1 answer)

So I did all the diagnostics compression test new spark plugs coil packs and checked the injectors all is good but I still get when I start my car hesitation like if I'm running out of gas or bad misfire can you help thank you

my stft1 is reading -2.3 when evap is purging and after the purge has finished 0 (1 answer)

my stft1 is reading -2.3 when evap is purging and remains between 0 and -2.3 after purge has completed! could this be a factor in why re-fuelling my car is a chore? takes about 10 minutes for half tank.
kind regards graham

what is the life span of a canister on volvo c70 2007 (1 answer)

have tested purge valve got reading of 20.6 ohms / have blown through canister with air got little bit of air through purge side after blowing through tank side.
still have problems filling fuel tank
any ideas would be grateful

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2007 Volvo C70 Recalls

Incorrect Tire Pressure Information Label

Certain vehicles equipped with an optional spare tire and wheel kit were assembled with the incorrect tire pressure information label. A misprinted label could lead to improper tire inflation, which could result in a tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the affected vehicles and replace the incorrect label as necessary. The Volvo recall number is R247.

Volvo Recalls Garmin 760 Portable GPS-Equipped Vehicles Due to Overheating Battery

Volvo is recalling all models equipped with Garmin 760 Portable Global Positioning System units because the battery may overheat, which could lead to a fire. Volvo advises owners to stop using the Garmin device immediately and consult the Garmin website to determine if they have a defective unit. The unit's battery will be replaced and a spacer inserted to prevent the problem from reoccurring. This will be performed free of charge.

Brake Master Cylinder May Fail

The brake master cylinder may leak internally due to a faulty seal. If this happens, the brakes may not operate as designed, and stopping distances may be increased. In severe cases, brake loss may occur. Dealers will inspect and replace the master cylinder if necessary. The Volvo recall number is 194. This recall began on March 11, 2008.

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2007 Volvo C70 Reviews

based on 3 customer reviews
I've had my Volvo C70 for about 3 months and I'm really enjoying it. I've had many cars (Jeep, Nissan, Honda, Caddy, Lincolns, Toyota, Acuras... )and I must say that I'm impressed with everything about my Volvo except maybe the ride quality. It can be a rough ride. I have 112K miles on mine and I just completed my recommended service. The dealership wanted over $750, (Nope!!) I bought the ...
I must admit, someone got a lemon of a car. For me this one has been the most reliable of all. The only problem that I have had was that the instruments would play crazy - like brake failure, or abs failure... This has now been solved - all the wirings were checked and rechecked. No problems since then. Also mine runs on LPG. I have had at least 11 cars, this has been the best a...
I was so excited to get my first brand new car and thought I was getting quality in buying a Volvo C70 Convertible. It has approx 80,000 miles and I'm being told I need a new engine through no fault of my own! I've already had to replace the clutch, repair the drooping headliner. The quality of the leather seats is the worst I've ever seen. Needless to say, I'm never buying another Volvo.

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