2003 Volvo C70 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Volvo C70

2003 Volvo C70 Problems

EVAP system faults due to purge valve, tank pressure, and gas cap

The evaporative emissions system has problems with the purge valve, tank pressure sensor, and the fuel cap. All of these failed components will cause the check engine light to illuminate. To prevent turning on the check engine light accidentally, make sure the fuel cap is installed correctly after re-fueling

Convertible Top May Have Problems With Micro-Switches/Potentiometers

The convertible top may have problems with the micro-switches and potentiometers that help control the raising and lowering of the top.

Electrical problems from bad battery cable

The battery B+ cable has problems with the terminal end necessitating replacement. Symptoms may include no start, cranks wont start, warning lights coming on and other odd electrical issues. The B+ cable end is located in the engine compartment fuse box near the drivers side shock tower.

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2003 Volvo C70 Questions

How do you do software updates on the Volvo c70 tranny problem. (1 answer)

Mines a convertible, turbo, automatic. 107k miles.theres a pdf on how it's a computer glitch not the tranny? Also heard you can put brake fluid in it to some how clean the tranny?

I just purchased this car Sunday & the antenna goes up-and-down. (1 answer)

Question is when it retracts it still stays up about 10 inches. Is this normal?
Thanks Todd

A/C Won't Take Freon Volvo 2003 C70 (1 answer)

I just purchased this as a used car. I attempted to put in A/C Pro refrigerant. However, the car would not take it. I called A/C Pro technical service and was told it is a mechanical problem. While attempting to put in the Freon, the compressor and a/c was running with a full connection on th...

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