1995 Volvo 940 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1995 Volvo 940

1995 Volvo 940
$768 to $1,254
1995 Volvo 940
$364 to $513
1995 Volvo 940
$398 to $602
1995 Volvo 940
$113 to $152
1995 Volvo 940
$95 to $121

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The transmission overdrive relay often fails, preventing the transmission from shifting into overdrive

The fuel pump relay may fail resulting in a "no start" condition, the engine will crank over but will not start and run. Checking for proper fuel pressure would be the first step in diagnosing this concern.

Delayed and/or erratic shifting can be caused by the transmission kick-down cable sticking. Since the oil pan has to be removed to replace the cable, have the shop replace the transmission filter at the same time

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Hello, Everyone,

I have my 1995 Volvo 940 Turbo that stalls in reverse and hesitates on take off. The following is a breakdown of what has been done so far:

1. Initial Issue from March to October is hard starts; it would take 15 minutes or more to start car; it would be longer sometim...

my machanic changed a main seal and was not able to put the engine harness back the way it was and now it won't run. He says he's waiting on his friend who has a car like mine so he can look at his engine harness to see how to run the wires. He's had my car going on two months now. ...

i chabged front seal in trans now speedo don't work. where does it hook up i think i am missing it

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