1994 Volvo 940 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1994 Volvo 940

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The transmission overdrive relay often fails, preventing the transmission from shifting into overdrive

The fuel pump relay may fail resulting in a "no start" condition, the engine will crank over but will not start and run. Checking for proper fuel pressure would be the first step in diagnosing this concern.

Delayed and/or erratic shifting can be caused by the transmission kick-down cable sticking. Since the oil pan has to be removed to replace the cable, have the shop replace the transmission filter at the same time

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The noise is constant, it's not noticeable when driving but when parked and running it can, I'm not sure what it may be, never had anything like that before. The part of thee exhaust that the noise is located on, has what looks like a sensor ? Let me know what you think?

Was on the highway when all of the sudden started to lose power.. now the car won't go faster then 35 to 40 mph.. i though it might be the turbo, but don't really know... cat isn't cherry red, so that's out of the question... it a gas motor as well. Anybody else have this problem?...

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Bought the car new in 95 with one purpose in mind; protection for my wife and kids. Through the years, the Volvo has saved life limb and trauma on two different occasions. (auto crashes ie; being plowed into by other vehicles. Only until recently, our volvo has had minimal mechanical/electric problems...but now, pushing on toward 300K and into another twenty years of service, is "she" falterin...

i love my car


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