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2011 Volkswagen Tiguan

2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Recalls (Recent)

Electrical & Lights, November 22, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The fuse holder for the exterior lighting fuse can melt as a result of a problem with the fuse. This can result in partial loss of the exterior lighting, increasing the risk of a crash due to reduced vehicle illumination. Dealers will replace the exterior lighting fuse to correct this concern. 

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2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Questions and Answers

poper, 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan, King Of Prussia, PA

sitting in traffic and ac started turning warm air and then alarms sounded that engine was overheating. shut the ac off and the engine went back to normal temps. Had the vehicle year and a half and...

challenge, 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan, Rockville Centre, NY

I was tokd that as long as it is not flashing it is safe to drive and it will not harm the engine. Is that correct, as I am trying to get an appointment.

Roger28, 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan, Ooltewah, TN

I had front brake work done just about a month ago and this noise is just now occurring. The clicking noise happens when i apply the brakes but its not every time. Please help me understand this an...

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