2004 Volkswagen Jetta Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

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2004 Volkswagen Jetta Problems

Power Window May Fail Due to Window Regulator

One or more power windows may fail. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a failed window regulator which will require replacement.

Electrical Fan continues running after car turned off. Draines battery.

Fan assembly replaced. Dealer said there was a short in the electronics which led to fan not turning off after car was shut off.

Reverse Gear Failures and/or Noise From Manual Transmission

Reverse gear failures and noise in the manual transmission models are common.

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2004 Volkswagen Jetta Questions

upon acceleration at high speeds, my car shakes. Let off gas it stops. Why? (1 answer)

Usually after driving for about 30'minutes or so I will start to feel my car rattle. It only happens at higher speeds and when I'm accelerating. As soon as I step off the gas it stops rattling. If I use cruise cromtol it constantly rattles until turned off. It's only got 124k on it. F...

The Epc light and the engine light are on, what does that mean (2 answers)

Approx. cost of used replacement auto trans for 2010 2.5 Jetta; inc. labor (1 answer)

I'm selling my 2010 2.5 Jetta, 105k miles. The trans is shifting rough at times, and I want to know what it'll cost to replace trans so I can advise prospective buyer.

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2004 Volkswagen Jetta Recalls

Recall 07V063000
High Pressure Diesel Pump May Leak

Some vehicles may have a high pressure diesel pump with an incorrect fastener, which may allow the fuel to leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may lead to a fire. Dealers will replace the diesel pump. The recall began February 8, 2005. The Volkswagen recall number is VY.

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2004 Volkswagen Jetta Reviews

/ water pump has big issues.The water pump impeller is made of plastic and prone to leakage.It becomes highly expensive to replace, since anytime you replace the water pump,it is recommended to replace the timing belt.
04 vw jetta wagon diesel car runs fine while driving but skips occassionally shuts off while idiling but continues to restart. Oil was recently low and changed oil and filter trying to eliminate problem. Problem continues, changed fuel filter also. Also put 911 diesel treatment in fuel but did not solve problem.
Bought mine new. At 70,000 miles, have had to replace fuel pump, water pump timing belt ,battery, tires. Still like the car. Only issues: I'm short so the visors are too short and don't block out enough sun when down. Also, the driver's side wipers creates a large arch and doesn't clean the window. Real issue in winter when snow/road salt dirty the window. Can't see my right side due to ...

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