2001 Volkswagen GTI Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Volkswagen GTI

2001 Volkswagen GTI Problems

Power windows fail more often than manually operated window cranks

One or more power windows may fail. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a failed window regulator which will require replacement.

High Mileage Automatic Transmissions May Have Shifting Problems

Shifting issues due to internal problems in high mileage automatic transmissions can be difficult to resolve without transmission replacement.

Check Engine Light Due to Ignition Component/Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure

Due to an ignition component and/or engine coolant temperature sensor failure, the Check Engine Light may illuminate. Replacement of the failed component will be necessary to correct this concern.

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2001 Volkswagen GTI Questions

What would cause my alarm, side mirrors, sunroof and Windows to stop working? (2 answers)

I had a tail light out when I checked the light bulb it was good unplugged the connector an plugged it back in the light worked but the interior lights, side mirrors, alarm system, Windows, and Sun roof stopped working. all fuses are good. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Why does the acceleration hesitate when then gas pedal is floored? (1 answer)

Once the car gets to about 2-3k RPM when the turbo is REALLY starting to spool, the car hesitates almost like the injectors are clogged or not enough fuel is making it to the motor possibly. I was told that the ECU might need to be flashed or tuned but I'm unsure. Anyone have any ideas?


Wont start right away after refueling (2 answers)

Ok, i am looking at an '01 VW GTI, i havent purchased it yet. The owner mentioned a problem that he has with the car, he says after he puts fuel in the car, it wont turn over right away. No problems starting other than after refueling. I have seen this problem before on a few forums, but ive ...

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2001 Volkswagen GTI Reviews

This car has been amazing to have. I feel like its super sexy and makes me stand out from my friends lame looking, no power car. However, its getting fairly old and I'm having lots of issues with it in the cold. Last summer I paid around 700 to fix the a/c and now my heat isn't getting very warm this winter. I had to fix vacuum leaks the only day and a broken glove box for 400 dollars. the oil...
@Dough in La... I dont see how youve had all those problems and u cant seem to fix them! I have a 2001 gti has 137,000 miles on it and its in GREAT condition.. maybe it was just taken care of really well i got when it had 122,000 on it... so far its just been regular maintenance, oil changes etc.. and the engine runs fine.. i recently need to replace the thermostat housing (common to leak on v...
I love to say I drive a GTI VR6 but the reality is...it sucks. I have had so many problems with this vehicle. I've replaced the clutch twice. The serpentine belt broke. The headlights and blinkers are constantly not working. No repair shop has been able to figure it out. Agh! I hear the 2008's are much improved but the 2001 really sucks. (When it's working though....I love the big engine.)

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