2008 Volkswagen Eos Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Volkswagen Eos

2008 Volkswagen Eos Problems

Driver-side seat back no longer tilts forward when pulling up the latch

When I pull up the latch to tilt the seat forward it doesn't engage/release. I haven't fixed it.

Check Engine Light and/or Hesitation Due to Failed High Pressure Fuel Pump

2.0L turbo charged engines may develop a hesitation on acceleration and/or illumination of the Check Engine Light due to a failed high pressure fuel pump or a worn camshaft follower or camshaft. Our technicians tell us that whenever the high pressure fuel pump is replaced the camshaft and the follower should be checked for wear. The camshaft lobe pushes on the follower to operate the high pressure fuel pump. Frequent oil changes and use of synthetic oil may help with this wear issue.

Window may not roll up at times

An issue may develop where a window will not roll up after a short pulse down. Our technicians tell us this is a normal condition. Cycling the power door lock followed by the key switch will reset the programmer and restore proper window operation.

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2008 Volkswagen Eos Questions

The driver's side inside door handle suddenly won't work. (1 answer)

It has happened once before which required a shop to remove the door and take it apart, then put it all back together. When I pull on the handle, there is no resistance as I have felt before.

Has anyone been told that the plug to the oil pan needs to be redrilled? (1 answer)

Only the Tom Wood VW service dept has changed my oil and the last time they charged us over $100 to drill a new hole for the oil plug and that was common on the VW. I have never heard of this & think they messed it up & charged me to fix it. Also, they just charged me $52.50 to tell me ...

Tire repair or replacement (2 answers)

I have broken ankle can't remove flat tire to get repaired,replaced. I wasn't driving car when warning light came on but oddly looks like sidewall off rim front driverside tire.set of tires purchased@firestone may have 3,500 miles of use no warranty from firestone. I need peron to either ...

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2008 Volkswagen Eos Reviews

I have a 2007 Volks EOS which I'm the original owner. Two years ago, I had a major water leak problem. My car was parked in Florida and when I came back from up north the car had two inches of water accumulated on the rear floorboard, soaked front floorboards and water in the trunk wheel tire well. The car was left unattended for about a month before coming across this issue. There was mold...
I too have had severe and continuing problems with water leakage. I bought my Eos new and have maintained it meticulously (including the roof seals) since I bought it. The first couple of years were spent dealing with persistent problems with the DSG transmission. The car was in the dealership about five times before they finally got it fixed (two Mechatronics units, clutch packs, faulty...
I bought my 2008 EOS June 2011 and have had a lot of problems with water coming into the car (mostly passenger side). After hurricane Sandy (I live in suburbs of Maryland), my car was flooded with water. I had standing water in the floor on the front and back passanger side, water in the trunk wheel well and in between the door and panels. The dealer where I purchased the car is telling me t...

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