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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2010 Volkswagen CC

2010 Volkswagen CC

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2010 Volkswagen CC Problems

Suspension & Steering -- monkeytoesbme and 12 others

The CC Sport is being sold with Continental Tires which are run flats. These caused a terrible vibration in my new CC. The dealer attempted many times to balance the tires with no success. They replaced them with non run flat continental tires which made the vibration worse. After a long battle with the dealerhip, they agreed to replace the tires with another brand which solved the problem. The tires they had to put on my CC are $276.00 e...

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

Condensation may develop in the heater case which can cause a musty odor from the heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) system.  Our technicians tell us the drain system should be checked for debris. In addition, a cleaner is available for the heater case.

Miscellaneous -- monkeytoesbme and 2 others

I can be in the middle of a call on my bluetooth through my car and the car will drop the call mid sentence at random. My phone still has the call on it and I have to wait for the car to reconnect itself. They have a very short list of compatible phones so if you buy one, make sure your phone is on the list! All this technology and they have a list of 20 phones! WHAT?

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

Various radio and navigation issues can be corrected by updating the necessary software. Our technicians remind us that radio and navigation problems should be properly diagnosed before any software updates are completed.

Miscellaneous -- monkeytoesbme

Both of my back windows leak when it rains or even worse if I wash it. It has been to the shop 5 times for repair and they haven't been able to get them to stop leaking yet. It is an obvious design flaw. I would like to see VW recall this and get it fixed!

2010 Volkswagen CC Questions and Answers

ccrider1, 2010 Volkswagen CC, Sterling Heights, MI

Continental (Conti-Seal) tires...all 4 "cupped" interior side - no other wear on tires (feathering, bulging, etc) 30,000 miles. Dealer says it's an alignment issue (based on visual w...

confusedNreadytobuy, 2010 Volkswagen CC, Long Beach, CA

I am ready to buy a car and have narrowed it down to these 2 cars. Each car has its pros and cons, and I am receiving mixed message from all the people around me that are helping me find a car. C...

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2010 Volkswagen CC Reviews

2009 cc lux 2 litre turbo bought new. Now > 4 years, with 53K on odometer. Only issues - Each rear bulb (4) needed replacement - easy enough to do thankfully. Interesting that after replacing with aftermarket bulbs no burnout issues. Also had one front headlight replaced by dealer @ $40. Original Continental tires (self sealing) became very noisy with wear and needed replacement at 40K. Replaced with Michelins and highly recommend for quieter, better ride and handling. Otherwise a solid car and a pleasure to get into and drive (when I can get it away from wife).

Like one of the previous posters, I love my 2010 CC but find that I am CONSTANTLY replacing bulbs on this car. During my warranty period, the dealer often took care of them but now that I'm out of warranty, I'm on my own. I have a headlight (dip beam?) that is out. I made my appointment on Friday for service on Monday. Over the weekend, a brake light and another rear light went out. And that has been the story of this car. Fix one and another goes out and then another. Are the bulbs that bad or is this a symptom of the electrical system?

I bought my CC new in February of 2010 and it now has 136,000 miles on it. It is a blast to drive, has great power and handles like a jewel. I have had a major issue with the tires thought. I am now on my sixth set of tires. I have had three different types of tires installed, I've had it aligned three times. The car drives and handles great but with each set the tires start to howl like mud grips after the second rotation. This is a company vehicle and I'm required to follow the manufacturers suggested maintenance so the tires have been rotated every 10,000 miles with the oil. This is very frustrating because I love driving this car.

You fall in love with the styling, then you discover the reality of the mechanical side, over time. Overall, quite good to date. Bought my CC Sport with std. 2.0T 6-spd. A/T used with under 10K for a good price. Aside from the suspension which jars you awake over sharp bumps and a persnickety heater, the car has driven and performed extremely well. Those with automatics will want to check with the dealer for a flow value fix that apparently corrects the very low speed repetitive lurching particularly from a stop to slow acceleration. Just had it done today, will report back. Std. Continental tires seem to be wearing a bit fast, tho evenly. Overall, it's one sexy head-turner... and cheaper than a mistress.

Before i got my cc i had a 05 jetta and i never had to replace the tail lights but after having my cc for 6 months the right tail light went out the dealership charged me $40 bucks to replace it then about 2 days after that the left one went out so i went to auto zone and bought bulbs for like $5 bucks and fixed it my self and now about 3 months later the right one is out again im really not sure what the problem is and why they are burning out so fast but its pretty annoying also just recently my airbag light came on i have no idea why ive never been in an accident or messed with the motor

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