1995 Volkswagen Cabrio Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1995 Volkswagen Cabrio

Repair Estimates

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1995 Volkswagen Cabrio
$783 to $1,167
1995 Volkswagen Cabrio
$598 to $871
1995 Volkswagen Cabrio
$115 to $163
1995 Volkswagen Cabrio
$754 to $1,069
1995 Volkswagen Cabrio
$144 to $220

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Reverse gear failures and noise in the manual transmission models are common.

Electrical issues that are difficult to diagnose—and sometimes intermittent—are typically due to ground wiring issues. The most troublesome ground locations are under the battery or at the engine.

A coolant leak may develop after oil filter replacement. When tightening or loosening the oil filter the filter housing may turn damaging the coolant o-ring seal. The recommended procedure is to hold the filter housing when tightening or loosening the oil filter.

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the car was sold as is it drove ok not going over 35 mph. The new owners drove it away going faster and farther and the car broke down on them, saying it was smoking and spewing. They demanded their money back and now my car doesnt move. What happened.

I just bought this used car. As I was driving it jumps into neutral ( maybe hit a bump), did this 3 times within an hour.. but it tends to not want to go into park or while in neutral I can still push gas pedal and it goes. I want to know IF this is the problem. A man looked at it and said the c...

this happened a little after i got a flat and changed out the tire. the odd thing is that the sound gets faster as the car goes faster.when i changed the tire i noticed it only had three lugs, i don't think this would have a big impact since it was already running with three previously and ha...

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Leaks transmission fluid from the front. What do I do? Do I need the transmission rebuilt, as some say.....

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