2007 Toyota Tacoma Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2007 Toyota Tacoma

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2007 Toyota Tacoma Problems

Toyota Recall For Lower Ball Joint Issue

Toyota issued a recall on the lower ball joint due to the possibility of premature wear from improper finishing in production. The ball joints will be replaced under the recall. This recall applies to 2001-2004 models only. Please contact you local Toyota dealer to see if your vehicle is included.

Amber Running/Parking Lights Melted, Cracked and Burned the Lens Directly in Front of Them!

The amber front running lights, located in the head light assembly may melt or crack their lens. The correction at this time is to replace the head light assembly.

Check Engine Light Due to Bad Air Flow Meter

Occasionally, the Check Engine Light may come on, this can be related to a failed air flow sensor. This type of fault is commonly repaired by cleaning or replacing the air flow sensor.

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2007 Toyota Tacoma Questions

Around 30-40 mph my truck feels like it's going over a rumble strip. (1 answer)

If I put it in 4th instead of drive it doesn't happen. I have replaced u joints, center bearing, wheel bearings, and rotors calipers and brake pads. Any idea as to what could be wrong? I'm almost at my wits end!

was recently told my tacoma as a leaking rack and pinion, and would cost upwards of $1675 to repair. does this sound accurate for parts and labor? i live in Honolulu, HI. they also said i needed a throttle body cleaning. is that necessary? (1 answer)

what do I look for? Hard to start like not getting fuel. Engine light came on. (1 answer)

Stopped at store, came back out to truck and was very hard to start. Like not getting fuel. got it started and took off, miss fired badly and was bucking around. Noticed engine light came on. after sitting for a while, again was hard to start. after getting it going runs ok but will drag down as...

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2007 Toyota Tacoma Recalls

Seat Heater Wiring Shorts And Causes Fire

For vehicles equipped with aftermarket accessory seat heaters, the seat heater elements may short circuit when the seat cushion is compressed, and result in a fire hazard. Dealers will disconnect the seat heaters and refund the purchase price of the seat heaters free of charge to resolve the concern,

Seat Heater

Southeast Toyota is recalling certain vehicles because the seat heater element may become damaged as a result of compression of the seat cushion. The damaged element could short causing burning of the seat cushion, increasing the risk of personal injury. Dealers will disconnect seat heaters with copper strand elements and refund the purchase price of the seat heater accessory to correct this concern.

Fuel Tank Leak Due To Damaged Spring

The leaf springs may fracture and move out of position, puncturing the fuel tank. Dealers will install new leaf spring assemblies free of charge to resolve the concern.

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2007 Toyota Tacoma Reviews

Good truck over all. Just bad on gas milage. And I have the 4 cyl.
great truck to drive. not good in gas

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