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2006 Toyota Solara

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2006 Toyota Solara Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because a component of the oxygen sensor stops working. As a result the engine computer is unable to determine the proper ratio of air to fuel for the engine. Replacing the failed oxygen sensor should correct this concern.

Engine -- Verified

Debris can get into the idle air control valve. This will restrict the air flow into the engine, causing idle speed and/or stalling when cold. The valve can be cleaned or replaced to correct this concern.

Miscellaneous -- bronxguy and 19 others

My Solara has cracks throughout the entire dashboard. Toyota has been useless on this issue, the only issue, my car has

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

Intermittent failure of a purge control valve in the evaporative emission system can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. A failed valve should be replaced to correct this problem.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

On higher mileage vehicles, an engine misfire may develop and/or the Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a failed ignition coil. It is not uncommon to replace all the coils when the first one fails in order to prevent return trips to the repair shop.

2006 Toyota Solara Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., May 27, 2010

RepairPal Expert Overview:

These vehicle were sold without the required load carrying captivity modification label. Dealers will mail the corrected label to vehicle owners. Owners have the option of requesting that the dealer install the label. This recall is expected to begin on May 27, 2010.

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2006 Toyota Solara Questions and Answers

Maryland Bob, 2006 Toyota Solara, 3.3L V6, Ashton, MD

Will the 2006 Toyota Solara be involved in the gas pedal recall?

hankyk, 2006 Toyota Solara, 3.3L V6, Franklin, TN

best to replace pads then roaters at about 75,000m?

hankyk, 2006 Toyota Solara, 3.3L V6, Franklin, TN

best time to change belts??

grantjury, 2006 Toyota Solara, 3.3L V6, Mobile, AL

I need 4 new tires and I don't know a thing about tires except that I cannot afford MIchelin.

Visitor, 2006 Toyota Solara, 3.3L V6, Barrington, IL

garage states we need brakes all around. Is this normal. They want $500.oo to do job. Is this reasonable?

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2006 Toyota Solara Reviews

head gasket leak, my daugther brought the car Dec 2010, around March head gasket started leaking, I believe the dealership had some knowledge about this vehicle, also had to replace power steering pump. This toyota solara, I nothing but trouble and suck the money right out of my pocket, she needs a car to get to school and work. causing much stress in my house right now. Brought the car as is, with 90 day return policy, which we just missed.

I got my 2006 Solara SLE with 200,000 miles on it but that didn't bother me! Everything under the hood is dry, clean and was well maintained by the first owner! I love cruising with the top down. This is the first super nice car I have ever had where everything was actually working on it! The only issue I have is the transmission seems to jerk a tiny bit when getting in to the last gear. It's like the transmission lets go for a split second and then grabs back on.

Love my 2006 Solara Convertible SLE...cannot fathom why Toyota has quit making these. By far, the best car I've ever owned and I've been driving convertibles for 18yrs now. With over 70k miles, this car has been extremely reliable, very low maintenance (only needed the basics, such as tires, oil, & one set of brake pads about 5k miles ago). Good trunk space for a drop top. Got in a wreck in mine and it held up extremely well...I drove away, while the other car did not. (Thankfully, no one was injured.) Overall, just an awesome car and would happily by another when this one is ready to go...if Toyota starts making them again. Praying ours doesn't give out any time soon because we just love it.

I love my 2006 Solara V-6 and have had no real problems other than routine things like brakes and tires, but when I took my car to the dealer for its 90,000 mile service they told me I needed a long list of other services like belt and spark plug replacements and fluid flushes that will cost around $2400 with the 90,000 mile service. That was quite a shock. Maybe I should trade it in for a new one.

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