2001 Toyota Sienna Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Toyota Sienna

2001 Toyota Sienna
$633 to $1,644
2001 Toyota Sienna
$356 to $793
2001 Toyota Sienna
$473 to $850
2001 Toyota Sienna
$337 to $585
2001 Toyota Sienna
$286 to $493

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Models with electric sliding doors can develop problems with the door mechanism. The cable in the door becomes frayed, which will damage the electric motor.

One or more oxygen sensors may fail resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an evaporative emission (EVAP) system fault. Our technicians tell us these EVAP system faults can be difficult to diagnose but it is not uncommon to find a failed charcoal canister or a loose or worn gas cap.

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Part already primed/painted. Install handle only. I will do panel later

Someone who posted on this site suggested to purchase an OBD-II code reader. I did a search for this and many kinds showed up. What kind or type would you suggest?

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Toyota is recalling 1998–2010 Sienna models manufactured or registered in twenty-two Eastern and Midwestern states because of problems with the spare tire carrier and assembly cable due to road salt corrosion. This may cause the spare tire assembly cable to break and the spare tire to separate from the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Toyota will notify owners via letter with instructions on how to remedy the problem. For a list of the affected states, call Toyota at 1-800-331-4331.

Toyota is recalling 2001 Avalon, Camry, and Sienna vehicles because the front sub frame assembly has not been adequately welded. This could cause failure of the assembly following long-term usage, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect and replace the front sub frame, if necessary.

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Most reliable vehicle that we have ever owned. Runs smooth and quiet. Very versatile carrying people and things. Have 84,000 miles at almost 8 years and replaced a single light bulb other than tires, brakes and a battery.

Best car I've ever owned. Just went over 200,000 miles last week. No problems other than standard maintenance. ...although I think the air compressor is starting to go out. Also, have a check engine light that is due to an improper setting - says it's the cadalatyc converter, but have been told it's fine. I also agree that the door handles are made of cheap plastic. Just hit a deer 2 week...

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